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Our Family

Say Hello To Our Family

When you come to visit, you may get to meet some of the Pawsitively Purrfect family. Here is some more information about them so you can show them the love that they will show you.


Dooey is a English Springer Spaniel. He was born on the 11th of May 2012 and is named after Scooby Doo!! Dooey loves being in the fields or in the water and cannot get enough cuddles!! He also loves playing in the snow but will happily retire to the car when he gets cold. Dooey gets bullied by the kittens!!

Squirt & Spike

Squirt and Spike are our two Guinea Pigs. Squirt got his name because he peed on his human brother when we were taking him home. Spike because his hair stood up (it doesn’t now!!) They can be very vocal when they want something!! They love lots of fresh veggies and being tickled under the chin. They also love curling up on your lap.

Felix & Fudge

Felix and Fudge are both rescue cats. They are not from the same family but have been together from very little kittens. Felix climbs everything (he loves Christmas trees) and sometimes lies in wait for his prey on the top of the doors!! He loves straws and cardboard boxes. Lego boxes are NOT safe. Felix will break into the box, destroy the instructions and then Fudge gets the Lego, which he helpfully hides all over the house!! Fudge also loves killing kitchen rolls and climbing into boxes!!


Flower is our two-year-old “dwarf rabbit” but, as you can see, that was a bit of false advertising! As self-proclaimed boss of the house, she knows how to open doors and boldly demands treats and attention whenever it pleases her. She has a love of destroying phone cables, thundering up and down the stairs and head massages.

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